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Default Re: (Need for Speed) Shift 2: Unleashed release date

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
The visuals are outstanding.
But the game still has big issues. As much as I like it, the collisions and the sometimes stupid AI are big negatives.
Also I had to re-install the default tracks because some of the tracks later on in the game didn't load with the no-bling mod. So I saw the default tracks for the first time and the track objects are way overdone. That's also a neg.

The handling is ok with the mini-mod. However, after a few hours with the GT3 cars I went back to the Works cars to start that series and the game showed its real face again Took me a few laps to get used to that SHIFT-handling again...
Yep, it's still got big issues. It is clearly visible that developers had no time for polishing this game.

Overall it's still best PC Gran Turismo 5 like game or even better. And the ****piet view with high resolution, AF and AA is something that nova days consoles will never have.
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