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Default Re: Doom 3 alpha looks better than final?

Hey, I forgot to introduce myself to the forum. Doom fan from Mexico :-)

6 yearsl later, I know is a really old post, but it seems so interesant to me and surely for the community. Rage is about to be released in a months and I still thinking this is a great game no matter is becoming old. Just remembering the great expectations and long waiting years ago for the release of the game, the ATI leak of the demo, who knows what would happen if that situation never occur. The id Tech 4 technology to be unleashed to the world and shared by a free software license and the doom3 alfa quality still giving us to talk about. Carmack developing a new reincarnation of the legendary game of all times. He's thinking to empower it with high level of detail imaginable to a sci-fi-tech-horror game just bounded by current rendering hardware and technology (ray tracing, voxels?) and software (OpenGL,DX). Just expecting to see old enemies like anacrothon, spider mastermind, pain elemental, spectres, baron of hell, and perhaps new reincarnations of cherub, wraith, revenant, archville, trites, maggot, pinky daemon, zcomando, zsec, zombie, chainsaw zombie, lost soul and cyberdemon. Id software once again bringing technology to the limit.

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