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Angry Clutters of red dots - GTX 460 with 300w power supply?

this is my first post on this forum, so if I have violated any rules I apologise.

Dell Studio XPS 8100 (6 months old)
i7 870 quad core 2.93 ghz
Power Supply: Liteon 300w - im not entirely sure, but I took a photo of its details.
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX460

I know the recommended minimum power requirement for this card is 450w and 24 amps on the 12v rail, and my power supply to my knowledge (I have no idea) is 300w and has either 12 or 18 amps next to the 12v rails. (see image link above)

Basically I have been experiencing red and purple clutters of dots appearing on my screen, usually on photographs and gradients (not always). I have reinstalled drivers etc. with no luck. These dots disappear if I restart the computer, but return anywhere from an hour to 10 hours later. The video drivers fail and recover quite frequently (screen turns black then comes back saying it's recovered).

After searching online I found that my power supply may be an issue. I called Dell and someone is coming to look at the computer in the next few days to possibly replace the card (computer is only 6 months old and under warranty), and I would like to present a reasonable case that the power supply they included in this Studio XPS 8100 desktop has caused the graphics card to fail (if this is the case).

Sorry for blabbing on, this has just got me worked up as being an intermediate computer user I did not want to have to deal with getting compatible parts to build my own computer, so I figured Dell would build a computer with compatible parts...

SO, I am wondering what people's thoughts are on my situation and if these issues could have been caused by the power supply not meeting the card's requirements.

Thanks in advance!
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