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Default Re: Clutters of red dots - GTX 460 with 300w power supply?

Thats not nearly enough power supply for that system. It came like that? Notice the warning on the PS that says max power will not exceed 350w. Probably the system tried to pull too much power and toasted either the PS or the card or both. Your quad core i7 CPU is probably a 95w lynnfield, and the GTX 460 averages 150w-160w with peaks of up to 180w. Thats potentially 275w, just in those two components. ~100w for the rest of the system is a typical estimate, depending on components. That's 375w potentially. Almost all of that is going to be coming through the 12v rails, which say they are only rated at 300w. You could be pulling in 75w above the rating on your PS, or more.

Even beyond that, its always good to have more power than you need, so your PS isn't working at peak all the time, 450w should be about the minimum for that setup, IMO.
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