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Default Re: Duke Nukeum Forever has gone Gold!

Originally Posted by HiCZoK4 View Post
Seems like not everyone have future proof pc that will play it at least on medium. My buddy got Witcher 2 and he have pc similar to mint(even a bit better becouse he have 4g of ram and better cpu) and he have to play it on LOWEST settings in order to achieve max 15-20fps with stuttering. It looks worse than Witcher1 in thast case, While Witcher1 is a flying butter on max.

Offcourse we tried out maximum graphics (ubersampling off) and it looked very nice - but not 2fps slideshow nice
runs pretty smooth on mine....without uber tho...but at the quality of detail...can u really blame it :/?. but yea that site he linked...doesnt even have witcher 2 anywhere on it lol..

Desctructoid: 2/10

We got this covered: 2/10

Eurogamer 3/10

Escapistmagazine 4/10

Joystiq 4/10

The Guardian: 4/10 4/10

D+PAD 4/10

PALGN 5/10

Thesixthaxis: 5/10

bit-tech: 5/10

Ausgamers 5/10

IGN: 5.5/10

PC Gamer: 8/10

GameFront: 8.5/10

Gamers-underground: 8.6/10

Metascore on PC is around 60, consoles at 50~..

anyone that justify this games cost of very high...there is no way this game is a full priced product.

Feels like how CnC4 killed the entire CnC formula...

u dont **** with something that ain't broken...u improve on its lack of things by listening to the community...(aka blizzard)
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