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Default Re: Driver version for GeForce 210

Originally Posted by Gusar View Post
As for your general question, everything Geforce 6 and up should use the latest driver available. That of course includes your G210.
Not really true. I have a Biostar GeForce 210 (Although it says G210 in the boot screen, so I'm somewhat confused here) and it doesn't work with any driver newer than 197.45. It may be the card is tempered by the seller of the card or Biostar has mistakenly released a batch flashed with the wrong BIOS, but the card does not work with any drivers newer than 197.45. Not in Windows, not in Linux - why my second Linux box is running on an older GeForce 8400GS at the moment- the 210 is paperweight.

Is your card a Biostar? If it is, I suggest checking the BIOS. If there's a mismatch with what the card claims to be on the box and the BIOS (in my case, the box claims it's a GeForce 210 but the BIOS claims it's a GeForce G210), you might want to contact the shop that sold you the card and exchange it for a different card.
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