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Default Re: Driver version for GeForce 210

Originally Posted by RAMChYLD View Post
Not really true. I have a Biostar GeForce 210 (Although it says G210 in the boot screen, so I'm somewhat confused here) and it doesn't work with any driver newer than 197.45.
The legacy series are 173xx and 96xx, so your card is not considered legacy if it works with 197xx. It wouldn't make sense anyway, since it's a lot newer than a Geforce 6, which works with the latest 270xx driver. I know, I have a Geforce 6.

That your card doesn't work with anything newer than 197xx is a different problem. It should work, a special driver series for just the 210 (side note: I didn't even know such a thing exists, but the documentation does list two cards that are 210, in addition to G210 and G210M) doesn't make sense.
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