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Default Re: My "ghetto" racing setup. 55 inch display 5.1 sound.

Originally Posted by wysiwyg View Post
iv connected my pc to my 50" plasma with hdmi and onkyo 5.1 and played NFS and BFBC2 @ 1920 1080

its great fun, but i for some reason prefer gaming on my 26" monitor at 1920x1200
I can not go back to sitting at a desk to play games. That just seems so outdated to me. If you take a bit you find that the right wireless keyboard and mouse (depending on your couch the mouse might not work well) pc gaming from the couch is just awesome. Huge screen, 5.1 LPCM audio in all games with no tweaks (thank you nvdia hdmi audio). Movies look better to me plus you get all those little knobs we love to turn.

Feet on the coffee table, keyboard in my lap, mouse on the cushion to my right. It works so much better. I got rid of cable after doing this saving tons of money. I found so much free content, youtube play lists. I can watch what I want with little or no commercials... Never going back again if I can help it.

It did take some getting used to but not like it was painful or anything. So happy i did it and the wife LOVES browsing the web from the couch as well.
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