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since gravity doesn't affect the blocks you lay, you can create a bridge between any 2 points... in fact, that's what I usually do when I start off. I find the tallest mountain, climb it and establish my base there carving it out of the side of the mountain.

I will then use all the blocks (dirt/stone/doesn't matter) in my inventory to create a huge 2 block wide bridge from one point on the mountain across to another mountain even if it's way far away.

This allows me to get from place to place easily at night without worrying about monsters since I'm way up off the ground.

THE BIGGEST TIP for building bridges is to crouch down. If you're crouching down, you won't fall off the edge of your bridge when you're building it. You can crouch far enough to the edge of the ledge that you can continue to add more blocks to extend the bridge without worrying about falling off.
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