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Default Re: Driver version for GeForce 210


My card is a Gigabyte GV-N210OC-512I according to the BIOS (70.18.3a.00.07) and the BOX, and although the website and box say it has 512 MB of Memory, well mine has 1GB (I won't complain) the newest drivers do work for mine, I have even been able to fool around with CUDA and OpenCL on it, couldn't with the older driver version that the website point me to. I downloaded the newest driver and extracted all the files and viewed the included html files and mine is in the supported list, even the correct PCI ID is there compared to what Nvidia settings shows me, so I really would like to know what's up with the website driver search page, it's quite confusing.

Anyway, I'll stick to the newest drivers.
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