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Default Re: Clutters of red dots - GTX 460 with 300w power supply?

Originally Posted by juezznin View Post
Thank you for the fast reply!
So from that would you say Its fair for me to question Dell as to why they would allow the option of GTX 460 with that system?
Yeah, fair question, obvious answer though, they thought they could get away with it. I hope nothing is toast from it, but I would ask them to replace the PS with 450W or better. Have them test everything though, RAM could be toast, CPU could have problems, Mobo could have problems, the GTX 460 could have problems, who knows. Have them replace anything fried because they skimped on a PS, which ironically is probably one of the cheapest components in that system. They probably saved less than $10 going for 300w vs a 450w or 500w.
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