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Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
The console hasn't even released yet and its already using 3 year old tech... so by the time it releases its gpu will be 4 years old. They better not be thinking about charging a lot of the system, can only see the CPU and new drive being the most costly thing about the unit.

So ithe PS3 and X360 launched with GPUs based off current or less then a year old technology. So while the Wii U is more powerful because its newer it's pretty pathetic that they could use more current technology.

Oh and about the disc format, they wont say what it is other then its not Blu-Ray and holds 25B of data.

Anyone wana bet they are using HD-DVD Tech?
I'm not sure you fully get that an R700 GPU with a gig of ram is awesome for a console at this point in time. Relative to the Xbox360, which has the greater of the two GPUs in the two high end consoles out now, a RV770 would be about six times as fast, and if it were up at RV790 clocks it would be over 7 times as fast. It makes perfect sense to use R700 in a console, because later chips are laden with tons of compute/other PC-centric features that take up power and transistors that a console doesn't need. In fact, I think R700 probably has the highest shader power/texturing power to transistor ratio of any ATI chip since the Xbox360s chip. Its perfect for a console. Todays chips, 5000 and 6000 series from ATI, need more transistors and power to do they same job, because of added features that don't do anything from a console standpoint. R770 is 956 million transistors, Juniper, the equivalent shader level chip from the 5000 series is 1.04 billion, and Barts, the equivalent 6000 series chip is 1.7 billion. Wasted space/heat/power in a console.

Thats about as good as you can hope for at this point in time. Maybe if they made a giant deathstar box like Xbox 1 or PS3, they could put enough cooling in to get something about twice that fast, but you'd hardly see the difference anyway, for spending 3 times the money.

CPU wise, IBM say said it is the same tech as in Watson, which is POWER 7. Rumors are of a 3 core, which would make sense for easy of porting from Xbox360. A 3 core POWER 7 derivative would be awesome. A huge leap from Xenon, while still being fairly compatible. Honestly I expected something older/weaker. I'm not sure what more you want, well I know what you want, you want to giant top end box like PS3/360 when they came out, but you're never going to get that from nintendo, I think what we ended up getting is pretty great, as far as hardware goes.

On the format, I don't think its HD-DVD, those were 15GB layers. I think its Blu-Ray, but customized, just like the gamecube and Wiis discs were. Wii just used DVDs, but they were custom, played backwards and had some weird encoding or something, cant remember exactly. They aren't allowed to call it Blu-Ray unless it plays Blu-Ray movies, IIRC. So, I think its essentially Blu-Ray, but with some modifications.
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