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Originally posted by msc

I'm not sure it is an AGP issue. If I try setting NvAGP to anything other than 0 or 2, X locks up my machine and even using ssh to come in from another machine to kill X doesn't get me back. I have to reboot. This happen regardless of whether I try to load glx or not.

What other hardware info do you need? My motherboard is a Tyan K8W.
The problem is that the chipset does not report the settings correctly and the Nvidia driver is very anal about correct settings...

In other words, your chipset is not supported...

If i were you i would use the minion patch and the 2.6 kernel, or manually install everything...

Another solution would be to manually install it, the driver most probably will work, it just doesn't know that it will...

It would be interesting to know the results if you decide to try installing it manually, if you do, please e-mail me at
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