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One big question I think a lot of us have is why no harddrive. Isn't that a little lame considering the fact that with increasing bandwidth available to consumers that streaming or downloading games may very well be the future. Moreover, why not download music and movies onto your harddrive. So yes, for a console, gour year old GPU power is gonna be fine...for now (it is released next year remember). However, I expect much more from Sony and Microsoft. It appears that Nintendo focuses more on the controller and minimizes the console. Heck, even the presentation was all about the controller. I suspect that the PS4 and XB360 will absolutely slaughter this barely better than last gen effort . Ultimately, the question remains do you want the best graphics fidelity period, or is playing a with a tablet good enough. The question will ultimately be decided by consumers. I tend to side with the graphics fidelity crowd.
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