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Default Re: mine works but no agp yet

Originally posted by jboss
I posted this before but here goes.
mine works but no agp yet here is my specs
msi master2 MB dual opteron 242
SLES 8.2 64bit

using the stock kernel I compile fine but it would lock up intermittently. I tried all sorts of BIOS settings. XF86 settings, and mods to the nvidia kernel module forcing agp etc. still locks up.

changed to kernel 2.6.0 test11... used the patch for 2.6. compiles fine. loads fine, NO lockups.....but have not gotten agp to work yet. with/out agpgart inkernel or module loaded. It is stable so for now I am working with it till I have time to figure out what is stopping the agp from working.

if you are having unresolved symbols at load. check your layout/install for the kernel. it must be in /usr/src/linux and you need to make sure you have done a... make;make modules; make install; make modules_install
when you compile your kernel. oh and sometimes if you do a "make -j 2" it gets a little ahead of itself and you will get unresolved symbols or it wont work in weird places.

2.6.0 has good support for the newer MB like mine so I really had to use it ... SATA raid, sensors,sound etc.

Would you mind reposting this in the other Amd64 thread? Or would you mind if i did? :-)
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