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Default Re: Just picked up a PSP-3001

Originally Posted by MaXThReAT View Post
I didn't know where to put this since it's not a console but a hand-held. Anyway one of my old CRT HDTVs went out and I called in the warranty. I couldn't afford another TV so I got a PSP with the store credit, the bundle with Assassins Creed. I also got GTA-VCS and Tekken Dark Resurrection. First, WOW! I knew these things did quite allot but I did not know they added WLAN. I also did not know you could browse the Internet or listen to Internet radio or use skype integration to call people. I have a skype account so really my PSP is now a cell phone when online. I knew you could watch movies, music and pictures but this WLAN is awesome. Watch youtube in bed, post on here. I'm loving it to say the least. The only thing I'm somewhat disappointed in is no home brew app support. There are so many and from what I understand Sony does not support it one bit. Understandable because the true reason is to pirate games and I'm not okay with that. Why wouldn't they open it up for apps, this little thing could be a dang PDA with some of these apps. Anyway I hope Sony wises up and opens the firmware for apps but trying their best to cut off the pirates still. Most people I think just want to run custom apps and not pirate games. Cool little piece of hardware, I love my new toy and can't wait to see what comes next with new firmware updates.
Why doesnt sony support it? It can be used for things other than pirating games, so it should be! I love the hardware too and just wish my sony would let me use it.
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