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Default Please help me with my external monitor


I have a Fujitsu Amilo Pi 3560 laptop with an NVidia GeForce GT 240M card.
I use the NVidia driver 275.09.07 with Fedora 15.

At my desk, I use a Samsung SyncMaster 2233SN monitor with TwinView. However, I often find myself in a situation when I need to bring my laptop with me, and in these situations I usually need to either restart the X server or configure the display settings with nvidia-settings manually when I want to change my options. I also need to do the same when I come back and plug my monitor in.

I'm looking for the following features:
- When I plug my monitor in, I want my laptop to automatically recognize it and extend the desktop according to how I set it previously
- When I plug out my monitor, I want my laptop to automatically recognize it and shrink back the desktop to the internal monitor only.

Is this supported?
As I see it, all other Linux graphics drivers support these features, and they also work on NVidia's Windows driver, so I can't understand why it couldn't work on Linux.

Could anyone help me with this, please?
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