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Originally Posted by nicorulez View Post
It will be very interesting to see the final specs. I am hopeful that it is a little more powerful than predicted by the online scribes. If not, it is going to be slaughtered in 2014 by superior hardware from Microsoft and Sony. The real question for this system besides the funky whether the system will the lead platform on franchises like COD or Madden or NFS....etc. If so, it may bode well for pc gamers as the AMD GPU is similar to current GPU's in high end systems. However, if it gets ports they may be shoddy. We shall see. Although I absolutely despise the Wii, the Wii U may be compelling if the controller is not a significant hindrance. Next few years will be fun.
Of course consoles that launch 2 years later are going to be faster. They can't be that much faster though. Maybe 5 times, if that. Lets even give them the benefit of the doubt and say 10 times... PCs today are more than 10 times faster than PS3/360, does anything on PC look that much better than GoW3 or Uncharted 3? Not really.
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