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Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
Of course consoles that launch 2 years later are going to be faster. They can't be that much faster though. Maybe 5 times, if that. Lets even give them the benefit of the doubt and say 10 times... PCs today are more than 10 times faster than PS3/360, does anything on PC look that much better than GoW3 or Uncharted 3? Not really.
Ninja, I think if you saw what a high end pc with dual CF or SLI configurations running Crysis 2 maxed out at 2560 by 1600 then you will see that pc's far outperform current consoles. Most XB360 or PS3 run at 720p and are upscaled. They would choke on the proverbial chicken if they tried to run at 2560 rez. Even if they natively run at 1080p, which a few titles like Gran Turismo do, they have to sacrifice some of the detail.

I agree that in theory the next next gen would normally be only 4 or 5 times as powerful, but my contention is that Nintendo is using old tech. If Sony and MS go with newer tech (remember, the XB360 used a GPU that had not even come out when initially introduced), they will be far more then 4 or 5 times more powerful. Alas, their cost will be higher too if they that route. Ultimately, it will be compelling to see.
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