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Default Re: Official Duke Nukem Forever Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
+1. I finally made it outside, this is one of the worst games ever... even the one liners aren't funny anymore... have we changed as gamers? Or was the first time special cause it was something we just hadn't experienced before?

I can get over lackluster graphics, but this game is just bad.
Of course we have changed as gamers, but even so load up Duke's still fun. DNF isn't a Duke game, it's just a bad game with Duke attached to it.

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Kaz Hirai from Sony summed it up the best way "Blaming Gearbox for Duke Nukem is like a dad shouting at his son about the mess his sister made when all he did was try to clean it up."

People need to get off Gearboxs case on DNF. They didn't make the game, they finished what was unfinished and shipped it like 3DRealms envisioned it.

Not only are they to blame for releasing this turd, they get even more blame for their pre-release bull**** concerning it. 3DRealms never released it because it was never worth releasing, they were the smart ones here.

"We know the game's great. Any journalist that decides to try to go... to lowball it is gonna be held accountable by the readers."

"I play everything," he said. "The last time I had a really solid experience like this was Half-Life 2."

"And we should also be able to play Duke Nukem Forever, because what they've done is incredible".

"It's also Duke frickin' Nukem frickin' Forever. One could not be a gamer in this world without consuming that and having that experience. You're just missing out on a ginormous aspect of videogames history if you fail to participate.

"It's not just finished, but it's worthy," insists Pitchford.



Look at the quotes from Gearbox, then look at the average scores. See something off? Gearbox was hoping to cash in on the Duke name. 3D Realms isn't to blame for those quotes, those scores, nor the quality of the released game. If someone took an early build of Starcraft: Ghost and released it, and it sucked, would you blame Blizzard or the idiots who released the game?

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