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Lightbulb Google Ads Have Been Disabled by Google


I wanted to let our visitors know that Google has disabled serving ads at nV News. Note that they did not disable our Google AdSense account.

I received two e-mails yesterday from Google stating that the "Babe Thread" and the "Bianca Beauchamp" thread are displaying Google ads "in a manner that is not compliant with their program policies."

This is a serious issue for nV News as we rely on Google Ads for revenue. I immediately began working on implementing a solution to resolve the problem.

The following information is the pseudo-code that was included in all vBulletin templates that serve Google Ads at nV News:


If visitor is a forum subscriber (browse ad-free)

do not display Google Ads


If thread id = 6189 or 696008 (offending threads)

do not display Google Ads


display Google Ads

End If

End If


I provided this information to Google and hope that they will remove the block from serving their ads. However, this solution is not "fool-proof" as it requires manual intervention from our awesome moderators to control.

Google has the resources to perform this type of check automatically behind the scenes. I'm convinced that they will eventually develop an algorithm that can detect if an image is not compliant with their program policies.

Carry On,
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