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Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
Resolution is a problem of memory and fillrate. Any next gen console will have the memory and fill rate to run at high resolution. I'm talking about grahpics. Resolution is just the granulairty of the filter through which the graphics are presented. In terms of graphics, crysis 2 doesn't look hardly any better on a PC vs 360. Differences are minimal. Even comparing the best graphics between the top PC game and the top PS3/360 games its minimal. It has to do with the fact that the closer you get to "realistic" visuals, the harder it is to tell a difference between generations. PSX --> PS2 was an increase of something like 50x the power, the graphics difference was huge, blocky, unfiltered textures were now clear and models didnt look like they were made from legos. However, when you went from PS2 --> PS3, which also was probably 50x processing power, it looks better, a lot better, but not really the PSX to PS2 jump. Things are smoother, with better textures, yes, but did doesn't have the same holy crap factor as PSX to PS2. Heres a good comparison, when PS2 was doing tech demos, they did a FF8 cutscene rendered in real time. When PS3 was doing tech demos, they did a FF7 cutscene rendered in real time. Go dig them up and watch them, keeping in mind one is using 50x the power. They look pretty similar.

The next consoles will be even worse in this regard. They might have 10x or even 25x the power of todays, but thats a smaller jump than before, and that jump will have even less places to spend the processing power. What are they going to do, make models with even more polygons? More than GoW3 or Uncharted 3? Those models already look near photorealistic, add 10x the polys and they will hardly look different. Most polys now spend the majority of their time at sizes below 1 pixel per poly, pointless to add more. Add more texture data? Yeah, you'll get a little better detail there, but again, these models look near photoreal now. Its going to be more about art direction in the future consoles than raw specs.

PS: I have a high end PC, in fact most of my games are played on it right now. I dont see much difference runing crysis 2 maxed out at 1920x1200 vs the console, other than the res.
Ninja, I agree with you to a point. However, the pc's really do destroy the consoles. If you look at lens for truth or even IGN head to heads it is clear to see. Direct X11 is really a leap beyond DirectX 8 or 9 that are seen on the consoles. Physics is also much more impressive. I agree that art direction is the future; but don't try to deny that Uncharted 3 on a more powerful system would not look that much more slick. Increase AA, AF, particle effects, HDR, specular lighting ,etc. The list goes on and on. Reality probably will not arise for twenty years, but I am holding out hope for the PS4 and XB720. Still not impressed by WiiU.
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