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Default Re: Gigabyte GTX 550 TI laggy in Bad Company 2

Originally Posted by jimmy burke View Post
I just killed my 8800 gt so I got this 550 to replace it. I have an OCZ 700watt power supply and an e8500 core 2 3.16 processor.

I already did upgrade to the newest one and it has issues. I'm going to try to "completely" remove the driver that came with it (266 I think) and upgrade to the newest one.

Gameplay is the same on any settings that I tweak in-game. Issues are CTD, extreme lag at game start, and my character not going where I direct it which resembles network lag. Is this hardware or software related? what else can i try?
if you didnt have issues with the 8800GT, I'd say start with uninstalling the nvidia drivers completely and install the newest WHQLs or reinstall Windows even.

Remember the 8800GT would have been playing in DX9 not DX11 like the 550 would, so you could try forcing that... also dual core pretty much gets maxed with physics in this game so that is another possible bottleneck that could be keeping the 5500 stretch it's legs.

Too many possibilities without troubleshooting it further.
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