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Default Re: OpenCL on FreeBSD

For all those using FreeBSD and wanting to use or develop HPC software and getting succesfully ignored by nVidia, there is a possible solution coming via the compiler vendor Pathscale. Their HMPP capable compiler, still not released to the market, will be capable of utilizing the nVidia GPU via "#pragma HMPP", like OpenMP. As far as I could digg out, there will also be a kind of CUDA support, but I have no further informations, since I did not get my BETA version of the compiler yet to test. Please look yourself at Pathscale's webpage and sneak into ENZO.

It is regretable that neither AMD nor nVidia support FreeBSD. This operating system is used on many backends and is waiting to come to popularity in science again as it was years ago. Rejecting support for GPGPU on FreeBSD is something to remember.

Since LLVM gets mature and is going on to adopt more and more OpenCL capabilities, I'm hoping that the course will change with the advent of AMDs new "Southern Island" GPUs this or beginning of next year. I will, for sure, suffer and wait and not wanting my department to purchase any new nVidia equipment until it will be clear whether AMD will support FreeBSD/OpenCL or nVidia isr offering adequate support. The next big player, Intel, is also on the brink of starting with GPGPU equipment. Therefore, I hope for their pressing and pushing support in drivers and OpenCL for alls *BSD operating systems.
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