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Default Re: suspected as much

Originally posted by jboss
I kinda suspected as much as agpgart has NEVER reported finding any AGP cards on bootup. under 2.4.x or under 2.6.0 testxx

It is a k8T800 and VT8237 chipset. this is fairly new stuff and as usual you buy the latest and greatest and have to wait till support becomes stable.

lately I have been concentrating on APIC which is prolly the root of the problem. I have seen some strange dmesg stuff about apic not setting up IRQ's or lines already configured etc. I have tried BIOS settings to try and force a mapping that agpgart/nvidia will like. No luck just yet.

This problem IMHO is probably more appropriate as a APIC kernel bug for this chipset.

Well, there have been problems with the APIC code since 2.5.x (for several APIC's), much of the code had to be rewritten, your problem could very well have to do with the APIC code (though i cannot be certain without a low-level examination of your BP)

It's interesting to notice that you have found a possible root to the problem in the APIC though, I'll see what i can find when i get a similar rig in a couple of days...

I'm thinking that this is a real easy problem but it's as hard to find the problem as the problem is simple...

I'll let you know about my findings, you do the same... :-)
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