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Default Re: Official Duke Nukem Forever Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat View Post
This game is ****ing epic just because it's duke... you really can't say it sucks for any specific reason because honestly it's true to the heart of what duke is. It's exactly what I've wanted after years and years of waiting for a damn sequel. I really don't think you SHOULD have expect anything else.

That's the only reason people are giving it bad reviews is because they were expecting a game of some other play-style and story, but this is exactly 100% what it should have been and what it deserves to be.

It's perfect
No its not. Its a show of poor game design. While I don't agree with the horrible reviews mainly because THEY are rating the game on todays levels I do not think it would have been a good the way it released now even 10 years ago.

Elements like Bosses only take damage from Explosives is stupid, especially when your rocket launcher holds 5 rounds and you need to run to the crate to refill constantly. The use of two weapon style is horrible. I can understand if they did it with different gun classes but its not even that. No FPS should have platforming in it, it was proven to be a bad idea back then and it still is.

God I can continue to go on and on about so many bad decisions made in the games design. I am just glad that 3DRealms is gone. This game is proof that they did not evolve with the industry and should have faded into the dark long ago.

I don't blame gearbox, they didn't have the IP long enough to actually fix the game. They completed what was on the books and shipped it. I just hope they can revive the IP in the future with a better game developed by them.
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