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Default Re: Battlefield 3 System Requirements...

Originally Posted by knghtwhosaysni View Post
derp, I should note now that that doesn't seem to be true. I was basing it off of my download of the mirror's edge dlc, which came as an installshield executable, and the fact that there are settings for where to keep installers and clearing installers.

After a long bout with EA support, they gave me an Origin Mirror's Edge copy since the DLC wouldn't work with Steam. And it seems this Mirror's Edge is downloading the game files directly just like steam would. So I dunno if all their games are like that, but if Mirror's Edge is, I'd imagine most of their newer games would be too.
So then even with a retail copy, we'll probably have to download Origin to log in with the game eh.......wonderful. Ultimately though, as long as it works, info stays secure then I guess it's all good.

Oh, does anyone know if you can choose which server you want in BF3? The last CoD game I bought was MW2 and I HATED that you couldn't choose which server to connect to!!! I rarely play MW2, but when I do, it now takes many minutes to connect to a server because first it checks how many games are around with such and such a ping. When it can't find any, then it moves the ping up and searches from there. There's probably a console command you can enter to raise that, but the point is, if I can play on a server with a ping of 50, of course I want to play on that server, but you can't see them. Anyway, I hope BF3 lets you choose where to go like BC2 does!
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