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Default remote loging via the internet

Hey everybody,

I have a buisness doing video editing/ promo videos for camps and other places. for this summer Im doing several camps that are not local and i like to set up a server so I can get there files with out driving all they out to them and getting them.

that being said, i have no clue about networking. I set up the computer i would like to use for the server and connected it to the internet. how would I set the computer up so the clients could loging to it via the internet and drag and drop there files onto it. they should be able to loging from any computer and also be able to view preview files i could leave for them. another part of it is that for each orginization there may be more then one user. each user would have the same privilagis and be able to view other users (but not other clients) files.

I understand that I have to make a website for this, and host it on the server. so bacicly, where do i start?

thanks in advance,
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