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Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
Look at some models from games and compare them. You can barely tell what PSX models are supposed to be half the time.
Ninja, play Crysis at 2560 with all the enhancements and honestly say there is no difference. The difference from a high end pc to PS3/XB360 is huge. Alas, I am concerned that Nintendo is doing their usual S__T and releasing a console that is realtively underpowered for the year it is released. Oh, it will have a unique controller no doubt, but the specs are not that impressive for a console released in 2012. God I hope Sony and MS release a console that is ballz to the wallz so to speak. Why shouldn't console gamers see the glory of GTX 590 power in a console with a terabyte harddrive, the ability to stream HD video and more. I am praying
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