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Default Re: Official Duke Nukem Forever Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat View Post
This game is ****ing epic just because it's duke... you really can't say it sucks for any specific reason because honestly it's true to the heart of what duke is. It's exactly what I've wanted after years and years of waiting for a damn sequel. I really don't think you SHOULD have expect anything else.

That's the only reason people are giving it bad reviews is because they were expecting a game of some other play-style and story, but this is exactly 100% what it should have been and what it deserves to be.

It's perfect
Except that's completely wrong. The reason people are giving it bad scores is because it's a horrible game. Unlike people who are defending this game, the rest of us can find plenty of specific reasons for this, we don't have to use the lame fallback of "it's duke" to support our views.

And it is certainly not true to the heart of what Duke is about, unless you never even played a Duke game before or only remember the one liners. Half of the things he does or says, Duke would never say or do. The level design is linear, bland and uninspired compared to Duke 3D, and to top it all off there are numerous gameplay mechanics that seem to try and bridge the gap between the old school feel of Duke and the feel of newer games, which only makes it a mashed up version of both.

Claiming it's perfect just goes to show that people are so enamored with the IP that they lose their perspective and common sense and good taste flies out the window. Of course, even the worse games have fans, so it's no surprise that this game will have some, especially when you consider how long people have had to wait to play the game.
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