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Default Re: Gigabyte GTX 550 TI laggy in Bad Company 2

Originally Posted by jimmy burke View Post
Alright, did some more testing. In game (multiplayer) I'm getting about 30 fps on average. In single player its more like 40 for some reason. Temperature is around 60 Celsius.

I just cleaned out my CPU fan of debris and put down a new layer of Arctic Silver thermal paste between the chip and the heatsink. Both cores are 100 percent used when the game is on. I think I am going to try to overclock it with the stock fan to 3.6 ghz, I've read this is the max safe limit with the stock fan.

Strangle, single player runs very smooth but multiplayer still doesn't. I'm not sure if suddenly I have issues with my network??? I doubt it. If OC'ing doesnt work on my CPU I'm going to move the GPU to another slot and try that.

I still don't understand why the new card doesn't work as well as the old. It might be possible that the CPU is failing because it wasn't getting cooled (which is why the 8800 failed) but the CPU heatsink was relatively uncluttered.

Need to figure something out fast before I RMA this thing to Newegg
Hey Jimmy. Before my upgrade to a Sandybridge system I was running a Core 2 E8400 and a GTX280and the game was butter smooth maxed out @ 2xAA and 1680x1050 so your CPU should be fine to handle it. Is your 550ti ok in other games? have you tried 270.61?
WHQL is certified by MS hence not a BETA driver.

You don't need to OC your CPU, its fine @ stock to run BC2. Like I said my E8400 @ stock was running the game fine If you Comp runs other games fine and its running BC2 in single player campaign then it appears to be network related.
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