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Default Free Showtime for 12 months with Directv

Directv had a promotion for free Showtime for 12 months when you signed up as a new customer. Some people that were already Directv customers posted that they were also getting the deal if they asked. They followed these directions

So I decided to give it a try and called them up. I told the guy that I saw online where Showtime was free for 12 months. He checked on it then came back and asked if I knew any other details of the deal. I told him I didn't remember but I saw it online and it said free Showtime for 12 months. He said ok then told me to check the tv it should be on. I checked and I had all the Showtime HD channels, TMC HD (plus a couple TMC non HD channels) and the non HD Flix channel.
I confirmed with him that it was free for 12 months and didn't extend my contract. He then told me to have a great day and I did.
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