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Default Re: Firefox 5.0 Final released

Wow... How dumb is this?


As part of the faster cadence, FF5.0 automatically EOL's when FF6.0 is released with users getting silent updates.

So every 6 weeks your browser will be end of life and your browser will magically upgrade itself to the newest version without you knowing... Even for home users that could potentially suck when they keep breaking things with updates. (IE addons)

It's going to be a disaster for the IT world since you'll have to decide exactly when to freeze your version at. Then you'll be having to scavenge for the installer for the older version unless you have time to verify your updates work every other month.

The other really bad part is that you won't really be able to tell when significant changes are rolled out unless you read all of the release notes. Before you knew that version 1 to 2 meant there were significant changes. Now 5 to 6, and 6 to 7 could be very minor bugfixes. Then all of the sudden version 8 has some major feature changes.


Okay I found a bit more info. Every 3rd upgrade is supposed to be a major update.
The development cycle proposed by Mozilla seems more like an incremental update cycle. But, unlike traditional software increments that tend to primarily address bugs or flaws in the major release, the new Firefox development cycle will quickly incorporate new features and technologies so that each overlapping 18-week release of Firefox will be a major release. Firefox 5 should be out in June, followed by Firefox 6 possibly by mid-August.
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