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Default Re: 173.14.30 Fix needed pronto

I'm glad to finally find this thread. Took awhile. I have the Go5700, runs great from my Windows partition but fails miserably with the 173.14.30 NVIDIA drivers. Icons are transparent and I have all sorts of other problems. My primary goal is to have Blender working with few or no bugs.

Two questions for the NVIDIA devs:
- If the problem isn't with the NVIDIA drivers then why do I have fewer problems with the Nouveau drivers? Icons are visible, power management states work (I can hibernate / suspend and resume with no problems!), and although I have some graphics issues, they don't cause major roadblocks.
- Is there a utility I can use to test all OpenGL features (and power management, it seems) to say with relative certainty "I guess they driver is solid!"? (I know this might be a Google search away, but I don't recall reading anyone that has done this. Maybe too obvious?)

Anyway, thanks for getting things to work so far. For what it's work, my specs are:
HP Notebook zd7260 w/ Go5700 chip (64mb) running on Ubuntu 11.04.

Here's a related thread in the Unity bug tracker. It's not clear where the problems are:

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