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Default Re: My PS3 just YLOD.

Originally Posted by Albo View Post
Sorry to hear that Qbert, how you get that squared that away quickly.
Yeah, I need to before the withdrawal shakes get worse.

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Eh I think the PS3 is a quality built product. Yeah I had mine fail on me but I was more then happy to pay Sony because I had a backwards compatible device. I payed $130 to get it repaired even though they offered me a slim for $99.
Yeah, it's a good product, just frustrating the way Sony deals with it's customer base. Not that Sony is any worse than any other major international company. As to your repair, I hope it lasts...heard many stories of those units getting a 2nd YLOD months...maybe a year down the road. The heat will eventually corrupt the solder points on the board again so keep it as cool as possible. The ones that get re-flowed by a technician tend to last longer, not sure what Sony does. Unfortunately, doing a reflow on the solder points invalidates the warranty....Sony just replaces your unit with another unit most of the time = all save games lost.
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