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Default Re: Official Duke Nukem Forever Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by HiCZoK4 View Post
sad. Duke fans and "not so seroius" people like it anywy
I just bought it yesterday. Big Duke Nukem fan here.

When I first played the original I was using a flight joystick. I played online over a WAN called DWANGO. I got my arse kicked by someone using a mouse. That forced me to use a mouse. Also Duke 3D is the first PC game I ever paid for. Before that I would borrow or pirate.

Anyway, I'm enjoying it. I'm probably only at the first level and played it for about an hour. I started on the hardest difficulty setting.

It brings back the old days when people enjoyed playing games instead of nitpicking and criticizing every little thing.

It's nice to play an FPS that's not yet another military-style realistic shooter.
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