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Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
This and BF3 are top of my list.
Same! I'm glad there's actually a game coming that I can anticipate anxiously, seems like it's been a long time since that's been the case. I'm looking forward to ME3 as well but that's pushed back till next Spring.

Originally Posted by crainger
I just finished Oblivion 4 with the mod that gives you traditional RPG levelling. I gotta say I had a blast. The default level system is crap. I hated it, but if Skyrim uses the same system as Fallout, then colour me Redeemed and Excited also.
I think it's a mixture of the two. I'm not sure if you actually earn experience points but they said at least some of the dungeons wouldn't be "leveled". I'd expect something closer to Morrowind. And yeah Oblivion is vastly better with the XP leveling mod.
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