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Default Re: multiple monitors, higher GPU temperature

Latest update:

1). PNY is saying this is ok: Quadro 4000 1 display 51C fan speed around 34%. Adding 2 displays, fan speed around 38%, temp 85C. It is ok up to 90C. They as well mention this is ok with any NVIDIA Quadro 4000 card. This 90C limit seems comes from NVIDIA driver team !

2). NVIDIA cannot reproduce the problem. The technical support eng cannot see the same thing as PNY or me is reporting.

So in one side PNY is telling me this is very ok on the other hand NVIDIA is still not able to see the problem. Strange and funny. And all this just for using 2 displays. Amazing ...

I really dont want to say goodbye to NVIDIA but I would like to see some things improving:

1. I expect to see the fan speed better handled. The fan simple stays around 34-40% no matter what. Even when running some intensive 3D applications. You need to enable Coolbits in order to manually override the system and set yourself the speed.

2. I expect to see Quadro 4000 better handling multiple displays. It does not. 2 displays is a minimum for anyone in 3D or graphic business. Having the card running as hot as 85C just with 2 displays attached is very funny. NVIDIA should probable learn from ATI which seems can handle 4 or even 6 displays.
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