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Default Re: debating a second gtx 590 or two gtx 580 3gb's

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post

Quad SLI (as in 4 cards) is supported. There's no reason why you couldn't do two dual-GPU cards, each on 16 lanes a piece (8 lanes per GPU). However, I would STILL rather have dual GTX 580 3GB cards. That extra framebuffer will be more beneficial than simply throwing more GPUs into the mix.

With that board, it's simply Nvidia's SLI drivers that you're depending on. Unfortunately, I can't help you there.

BTW, that's a kick-ass board. I wouldn't mind sporting one of those in my current system. I also love that Gigabyte's competing board for LGA1155 (found here) is not only $100 more expensive, but the PCIe slots on the intel board aren't spaced right. In that respect, AMD has made a strong case for AM3+.
BTW, I have the UD5 mb, not the UD7 as the newegg listing shows. I almost went for the UD7 but no one locally had it so I went with the next best thing. It's layout is 16x,4x,16x, 4x, 8x, pci meaning my board max supports 3 way SLI. I am currently using the 1st 16x of course for my primary gtx 590 and the 8x for the sb xfi pci-e at 1x. That shouldn't drop the second card to 8x should it? Not that really matters, just curious. I do like the memory of the 3gb cards though. As for my system if you remember was a kick ass core i7 980x, gigabyte ud9 7 pci-e slot mb and 24gb of ddr 1600 ram. Sold off the cpu, ram and mb for a nice price. It sounds weird that here I am asking about enthusiast upgrades when I changed sides with high end hardware. Basically changed to AMD because I don't feel like spending $1000 every time Intel released a slightly higher clocked chip when I can get a cpu in hex core for a 3rd of the cost, a SLI mb at 1/3 the cost of the ud9, ram at 1/2 the cost of 24gb. That way I still don't bottleneck, have 8 core upgradability when it comes out, and native SLI in a AMD chipset. What more can you ask for in a balance of budgeting and still having enthusiast cravings at the same time. I even like the fact that the 990fx's are 32gb RAM ready. Here's a better question, could I add a 1.5gb gtx 580 and 3 way SLI that since I am guessing that now two gtx 590's in quad sli would be out of the question. The other problem is the new beta driver for Nvdia that just came out (275.50) max supports 3 way SLI on 900 series chipsets. Would the driver override the BIOS even if I had the UD7 MB? Realistically though, if quad sli can't be done, the 3gb cards are my next quest as I would give the gtx 590 to my friend in return for a 1.5gb gtx 580 that I would sell to help pay for two 3gb gtx 580's. Nice thing about the ud5 990fx, since (another selling point in case for AMD) is the backwards compatibility with AM3 as this MB supports every AM3 cpu out there in the 1st release BIOS.
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