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Question mySN Laptop Nvidia driver doesn't work


I have got a problem with installing the nvidia driver. Here are some details

I work on a laptop with a Intel Core i5 M560 CPU and a NVIDIA GT335M Graphik card. In Windows, the cards work with optimus support, in linux, i just want the nvidia card because as far as i searched on the net, optimus isnt really supported.

So after hours of research, i dont have any errors in Xorg.0.log any more, but still, when gmd3 starts, i get a black screen with a white tab leftside on the top of the screen. I can hear the sound it does, when you can choose the username and password but there is just a black screen.

In my opinion, the problem is that the monitor is not detected, i got something like "Unable to get display device CRT-0's EDID" That's why i added Option "UseEdid" "False" to the xorg.conf. The standard DPI set by xorg was 75x75, with xdpyinfo | grep -B1 dot gave me 96x96 so i added Option "DPI" "96x96" to the xorg.conf.

These are just some information what i already tried and why i changed the xorg.conf after nvidia-xconfig. The rest of the important information is in nvidia-bug-report.log, which i appached to the thread. It would be kind if somebody could have a look at it, i really dont know what to try next.

If there is any information you require, i will post it here, no problem.

Thanks in advanced!

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