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Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
I'm sure some of you sport tablets now a days, so I was just wondering about your opinion on them. What kind do you have? Have you found a good balance of use between your tab and laptop? Is the tablet worth it to have along side of a laptop?

I've been looking them for a few weeks now and I have my mind made up. Just wondering if I would use it a ton.

Let's hear what you gotta say.
i have a nook color.

no balance yet as I'm still in the 'wow' phase of having a tablet. i will admit that at home, i reach for my tablet for facebook or twitter or email or web access. especially when wife and I are looking something up. also, when it played a video of my daughter on facebook, right there on the tablet (flash) i was sold.

i have it rooted with cm7 on it.
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