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Default Re: Why Vdroop is a good thing...

Originally Posted by Amuro View Post
Thanks for the link.

And yeah, don't mess with Vdroop. Doing the pencil mod or enabling Load Line Calibration and setting the voltage in BIOS lower, say from 1.412 to 1.345, isn't really going to help you much. Right when the load starts, the voltage will still dip to the same level as before, and then stabilize at just below the new now lower BIOS vcore of 1.345V, and when going from load to idle, it will shoot back up to your old BIOS vcore of 1.412V, possibly higher, and then stabilize at 1.345V again. This takes only milliseconds, not enough for any software to measure, but in those milliseconds your cpu can crash. So don't get rid of Vdroop. If you need higher load voltage, just increase vcore in BIOS. The vcore set in BIOS is just the maximum specified voltage, not the actually vcore you run anyways.
Thanks for this great information regarding Vdroop. I have been wondering if I should use it or not. I have heard a lot of contradicting information on this, so I do find this article extremely helpful. Now I have a better idea of what is going on and why.
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