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Default Re: debating a second gtx 590 or two gtx 580 3gb's

Originally Posted by wheeljack12 View Post
so you mean you have a 295 and a 590 in a p45 system? I thought all socket 775 systems were crossfire limited unless you are using a hack. Anyhow, two dual gpu cards in my system work for two way sli like you said then? Yes, I know guys, a AMD limited cpu for scaling.

I don't know anything about hacking AMD motherboards to run SLi, but I do know that adding a second GTX590 will cost you far more than it will benefit you.

Even with an i7 at 3.7GHz the benefits of going quad at your resolution are pretty much limited to Metro and Crysis.

Where you would see the benefit of quad is at 3d- if you had a cpu that could feed the four GTX590 GPUs.

We thought there might be some CPU limitedness going on with triple-GPU performance, but we had no idea GTX 580 3-Way SLI was being held back so much by the CPU in at least two specific scenarios.
And that's with three GTX580s, and going from 3.7GHz i7 to 4.8GHz i7- your AMD CPU is far below a 3.7GHz i7.

Your thread actually prompted me to sell my Phenom II motherboard and order an i7 2500K/SLi 1155 motherboard for my son's computer. (and the benchmarks I ran on the 2GB GTX560Ti SLi rig)

The bottom line is you need to greatly increase your cpu output before considering updating your video, which is actually very well suited to your display. I'd be happy to run some benchmarks on one 3d monitor to compare with you so we could test the theory.

I have a 3.4GHz i7 and a GTX590, we could get an idea of how much the Phenom II is holding you back.
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