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You can read some of the reviews on amazon.

Apparently this is a new product. Something I always check before seeing what kind of "deal" it is. You can get one for $375 from amazon so it is still a decent deal.

Here is something that stuck out to me:


This receiver has a ton of features so plan on spending a week or two learning how to make the most of its capabilities. Below are some of the quick and easy features included that I have found useful:

- Plugging in a USB key into the front of the receiver to play content quickly and easily. The interface is very intuitive.

- Internet radio. Using vTuner was seamless and worked without any registration. Register if you want to create and manage favorite stations on your PC.

- Streaming music from my Windows Media Player 12 equipped PC over the network via dlna was quick to set up and effective.

- The Audyssey 2EQ is very user friendly and did a great job of testing out my room and calibrating individual speaker output. It saves a ton of individual settings (available in the regular menus). The surround effect when finished was outstanding for my 5.1 ATT Uverse and my 7.1 DVD player.

- The listening modes are grouped into four remote control buttons for Movie/TV, Music, Game, and Stereo. Since there are over 40 modes, having them grouped for usefulness is outstanding. Also, only the available modes are present - you won't get DTS-HD as a choice if it is not an option from your media being played.
Sounds like it should work very seamlessly with some of your current media setups.
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