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Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
I'm seriously considering getting an iPad 2 in the next few months. The Android line up looks good (2 or 3 of them honestly) but I'm just over Android right now, mainly due to the lack of games and cool apps.

I just have one question: Will I use it enough to spent $500 on a tablet? I use my MBP at home a lot and I enjoy using it, but what about when I wanna read an ebook? Or when I just want to check something online real fast? Or have something a little more portable than my laptop?

Doc and zoomy, have you guys incorporated your tablets into your work?

Anyone with an iPad, what do you guys think?
I can use mine to remote into my servers and look around that way. I use mine for emails when I'm a way from the office, and that's pretty much all I need it for. I can also use "docs to go" (an app) to read my office 2010 documents.
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