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Default Re: Dungeon Siege 3 - Demo on Steam

I've never been particularly overwhelmed with any of the DS games to be honest. The first game was pretty linear and more or less played itself. Just click to move somewhere, let all your characters go destroy everyone on the screen on their own then click to move forward again.

I played the 2nd one for about 5 hours and it was pretty much the same.

They weren't BAD games, they certainly looked nice but it was a very casual RPG (I hesitate to call it that) more of a top down adventure game..

The thing I did like about them though is that I never felt like I was grinding away for stat points. I think that's what is nice about them. Titan Quest is the same way only with more challenging combat and depth to the skills.

They were fun but not for the reasons that I was expecting. DS 1/2 are very casual, linear and lacking in fighting strategy (it's more or less just sit back and watch the big gang bang) but fun to look at and see all the different areas.

Edit: I'd also like to point out that after reading through a lot of the reviews, I'm certain that I would enjoy DS III far more than dragon age II yet DAII has near perfect review scores and DS III is getting torn apart.... I guess Obsidian didn't have enough $$ to line the pockets of the critics.
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