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Default Re: Onkyo HT-RC360?

Got it yesterday, won't be able to hook it up till Friday or Saturday.

Got it for 299+tax!!, but I have to say Fry’s can have really bad customer service.

So I checked store availability online and it said items available, placed store pickup order and got confirmation that it was available, I went to store next day to pick it up, cashier after wobbling over to another PC, 20 minutes later came back and told me that this items is not available.

Asked for manager, waited few more minutes for manager to show, and tried to tell me the same BS, item not available. Sorry we can't do anything for you. Then I asked for store manager, even longer wait, finally store manager noticed that items "just arrived in receiving". Store manager walks away to call someone.

Warehouse employee stops by with the unit, so i asked him, did the item just arrive? He replied no, it’s been sitting in warehouse since Monday, was told not to bring it out on the floor.

Then the cashier rung it up for 549.99, so again asked for manager again, finally they agreed to sell it for advertised 299 price.

I believe what happened was that they had the units in stock, but didn't want to sell them for that low price, so they kept them in back, till Friday when deal would run out and then bring them out.
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