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1. the intention is to 'stabilize' the codebase, not that it doesn't change at all, (guess I needed another adjective) "not changing radically" heh
2. I never said it was good practice, I said it did not imply, of itself, that the codebase was less or more stable than a non-existent other code branch, none of this had any connection to best-practices ideology

Feel what you wish regarding me or what I know, it wasn't the general purpose to make me look good OR you look bad. As I said, it was basically a pointless arguement in the first place, but if you can't see the point of my rebuttal then you should read your statements with more care.

Your final statement is aggrevating. Of course its not OK that it works for someone else and it doesn't work for you, and not better that or w/e. Nonsense. If you read that into what I said anywhere here...
Child's word games. I compared current drivers quality, I said nothing of what it should be, or shouldn't be, and admit openly that I use the driver in very limited ways. It isn't I that is playing that game.

<lovely chat, think I'll go back to helping the noobs figure out xf86config now>
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