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Default Re: Dungeon Siege 3 - Demo on Steam

Try the demo if you haven't already. WYSIWYG, etc., etc.

There was an interview where one of the devs said that they're going to remap the controls to make it more accessible for PC users. They did exactly the opposite. Not only are the controls very awkward, there's NO OPTION to remap any of the function to whatever you like. Supposedly a patch is coming out to rectify this, but it's Obsidian Entertainment we're talking about here.

You should check out the Steam forums or better yet, the official forums. Yes, it's that bad. Also, the whole main campaign is about 10 hours long. That's it. Very short for a Dungeon Siege game.

But here's the real kicker. Co-op games share a split screen. I'm not kidding. You spend $100 on a game so you and a friend can play it (more if you buy a controller) and you get split screen. LOL. You can't have your own full widescreen glorious 1080p screen to yourself that's only for single player.

You can't even freakin' TRADE ITEMS in the game during co-op.

What's the damn point of this game? Seriously?
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