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Default Re: LA Noire coming to PC this Fall.

Originally Posted by MaXThReAT View Post
Honestly I was wondering if they were rendered or something like Bink videos too. Good to know its all real time in-game. I've seen way too much use of video cut scenes recently. They used them in GTA IV, Batman and so many others.
This is really great news though. The best part is Rockstar says the PC version will have increased fidelity and other graphical enhancements so I'm keeping my finger crossed for nice textures, effects and a real PC experience...We'll see.
I truly hope Heavy Rain and RDR both get the same treatment when and if they are ported, I have not even looked at a single review or video of RDR but it would be a day one buy for me on PC just based on comments I've read.
Not going to happen... ever. Heavy Rain is owned by Sony.
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